Alicia Dawn

Aerialist, Contortionist, Performance Artist

Nashville's premier, award-winning circus arts performer and instructor.


Alicia is a professional aerialist and contemporary circus performer based out of Nashville, TN.

Growing up with an avid love of books, Alicia later found that the performing art of contemporary circus empowered her with a physical language that brought the intangible aspects of her creative stories to life.

Her passion and talent earned her a spot in the New England Center for Circus Arts professional program.  Since graduation, she has performed with Girls On Trapeze, Cirque Motion, Live Dancing Girls, Top Hat Sideshow, and more.  Her stage presence -- and unique ability to emotionally connect with her audience -- makes her diverse body of work singularly captivating.

Alicia has always sought to empower others with the same physicality that brings her such joy; her enthusiasm is evident in her teaching style, as she encourages students to listen to their bodies and find their own creative voice, to explore the wonder of the amazing machinations of their own body's limitless possibilities.